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WFH setup

item details review recommendation
Mouse Logitech precision pro from Costco.
Purchased: 2020-10-12
Very good.
Smooth scrolling.
Better than AmazonBasics mouse.
Earbuds Jabra Elite Active 75T True Wireless Earbuds
from Costco.
\$213 (= \$200 + tax)
Purchased: 2020-07-08
Wireless Charging Case
noise cancellation
USB Flash drive SanDisk 256 GB, 130 MB/s, Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive
from Walmart
\$35 (= \$33 + tax)
Purchased: 2021-05-30

Things I tried but did not like

item details review recommendation
Mouse AmazonBasics Wireless Computer Mouse with USB Nano Receiver
Purchased: 2015-07
It is a bit small.
Worked well initially.
But after a while, the scroll wheel became sluggish as it gathered dust.
Chair Maxchief Upholstered Padded Folding Chair from Costco Not comfortable especially if you have to use it for many hours during a day.
Mesh is scratchy and hard.
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