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customer service phone number

  • 1-888-280-4331

split payment on multiple cards

Situation: I have two \$25 “visa gift cards”. My order total was \$75. I wanted to split the payment between three cards (two visa gift cards and my normal credit card). But Amazon does not allow to split payment across multiple cards.

Hack: Buy an Amazon gift card of the same value with each “visa gift card”. I did this once for each card (one after another). After this my 'Amazon gift card' balance went to $50. Then I split the payment between my normal credit card and Amazon gift card balance.

cvv number of amazon prime chase visa credit card

The cvv number is located in the signature box towards right. It is a bit confusing because usually it is besides the signature box. But in the case of Amazon prime chase visa credit card, it is in the signature box itself.


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