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chase freedom credit card

If you have a “Chase freedom: ultimate rewards” credit card, consider upgrading to “Chase freedom unlimited rewards” instead.

Both cards look the same, have the same APR, same foreign currency transaction fee, no annual fee etc., but the latter gives more rewards and you do not have to activate bonus categories every quarter.

Chase freedom: ultimate rewards Chase freedom unlimited rewards
rewards on all purchases 1% 1.5%
requires activation of bonus categories every quarter Yes No

Chase freedom: ultimate rewards

You always earn unlimited 1% cash back on all your purchases.
Activate new bonus categories every quarter. You'll earn an
additional 4% cash back, for a total of 5% cash back on up to
$1,500 in combined bonus category purchases each quarter.
Activate for free at, visit a Chase branch or
call the number on the back of your card.

Chase freedom unlimited rewards

You earn unlimited 5% Cash Back rewards on travel purchased
through Ultimate Rewards, unlimited 3% cash back on dining at
restaurants and drugstore purchases, and unlimited 1.5% cash
back on all other purchases. It's automatic! Redeem for cash with
no minimum, and your Cash Back rewards do not expire as long
as your account is open.
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