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English is a funny language

– case in point –

I want to be a billionaire.

Just like my uncle.

Wow, your uncle is a billionaire?

No, he also wants to be a billionaire.

  • loans on 401k
    • capped at $50k.
    • will be able to take it only if you are still employed.
    • most will require the full repayment upon termination of employment.
  • RMD
    • It is probably better to consolidate all your 401k and IRAs into a single IRA.
      • If you have more than one IRA, you must calculate the RMD for each IRA separately each year. However, you may aggregate your RMD amounts for all your IRAs and withdraw the total from one IRA or a portion from each of your IRAs. You do not have to take a separate RMD from each IRA.

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