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  • Hypernym is a word that is more generic than a given word, representing a class, a superordinate word.
    • Smell is a hypernym for scent, stink, fragrance, etc.


    • “Insect” is a hypernym for “ant”, because an ant is a type of insect.
    • Some hypernyms of the word “cat” are “mammal”, “pet”, “carnivore”, and “quadruped”.


  • A hypernym is sometimes also called an umbrella term or a blanket term.
  • Red:Color :: Hyponym:Hypernym
  • In CS, the hyponymic relationship, the relationship between hyponyms and hypernym is often called an “is-a” relationship.
    • For example, the phrase 'Red is-a colour' describes the hyponymic relationship between red and colour.

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