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Shows a map with {countries: [Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan], water bodies: [Mediterranean sea, Red sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea]}.

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dummy 002

  • October into mid-December is deer rutting season throughout New Jersey.
  • The peak is between the last week of October and the first two weeks of November.
  • It is the most likely time to have an auto/deer collision.
  • During this season
    • Deer mate
    • Their behavior changes
      • They become more active during daylight
      • Might wander off into open areas (during daylight)
  • for motorists
    • Risk factors
      • mostly likely time to have an auto/deer collision
      • visibility lessens as days get shorter
    • Recommended
      • slow down, wear seat belts and be alert

dummy 003

  • fructivorous = fruit-eating
  • Vitamins are essential to the production and use of enzymes that are involved in ongoing processes throughout the human body.
  • Collagen is a primary structural protein in the human body, necessary for healthy blood vessels, muscle, skin, bone, cartilage, and other connective tissues. It is an important part of the bone.
  • In babies, scurvy is sometimes referred to as Barlow's disease, named after Thomas Barlow, a British physician who described it in 1883. However, Barlow's disease may also refer to mitral valve prolapse (Barlow's syndrome), first described by John Brereton Barlow in 1966.

dummy 004

Summary: To automatically dial an extension after dialing a phone number separate the two by a comma. For example, if you store a number as 123456789,6671 then it will dial 6671 after dialing the phone number.

tags | how to note down phone numbers with extension in google contacts?

Additional notes:

approach 1 2
separator ',' ';'
store as ','.join(phone number, extension) ';'.join(phone number, extension)
example 123456789,6671 123456789;6671
  • The extension is dialed after the phone number is answered.
  • You can use more than one comma. Each comma adds a two second pause.
  • The extension is dialed after the automated message from the phone number is finished.

Ref:- - answers the question but very wordy. See if you can find a better reference.

dummy 005

  • US operates five consulates in India and an embassy in New Delhi. All the consulates are in different cities.

dummy 006

Notes from

  • Millennium Management will open two more offices in Florida
  • Some PMs, traders, developers, and engineers are moving there but senior management will stay in NY.
  • WorldQuant manages money for Millennium and the latter manages $50 billion.
  • Elliott Management, D1 Capital Partners - other companies moving to Florida

dummy 007

Country US India
Drug Acetaminophen Paracetamol
Drug name origin para-acetyl-amino-phenol para-acetyl-amino-phenol
Brand name Tylenol Crocin, Calpol, Dolo

Both acetaminophen and paracetamol come from a chemical name for the compound: para-acetyl-amino-phenol and para-acetyl-amino-phenol.


dummy 008

water boils at 212 $^\circ$F
Cakes bake at 350 $^\circ$F
Wood burns at 575 $^\circ$F
Glass melts at 900 $^\circ$F
Sparklers burn at 1200 $^\circ$F

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dummy 010

Americans like toast, eggs, and cereal. In China people eat congee, a thick rice. People in Japan often have a soup called miso. Pancakes made from lentil beans are favored in India. Bread and coffee with milk are the most popular breakfast foods in France. Breakfast around the world is a matter of different tastes.

dummy 011

The name floating-point numbers implies that during mathematical calculations the decimal point can move or “float” to various positions within the number to maintain the proper number of significant digits.

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