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my favorite configuration

Profile pic -> Settings -> 
  -> General
    -> Start Page -> All
    -> Default Presentation -> Titles-Only View
    -> Default Sort -> Oldest
    -> Hide Empty Feeds in Left Navigation -> Hide
    -> Contextual Menu -> Hide menu
  -> Appearance -> Display Density -> Compact (densest)

929 authentication error

If you are getting the following error when logging into

Error: 929 / Bug / Authenticated requests with no session)

Upgrade the Bypass Paywalls extension to >= 1.7.2

Tested on: Debian Buster machine running Chrome 83.0.4103.61 with Bypass Paywalls extension 1.7.2.


missing features on android app

There is no way to only see unread folders in the mobile app. It works fine on the desktop but not on the phone.

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