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Install additional software in git bash

Install rsync 3.1.3-1 into a non standard directory

This installs rsync 3.1.3-1 into /opt/software/rsync .

Download the software

mkdir -p ~/x/software
cd ~/x/software
curl --output rsync-3.1.3-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

Install the software

mkdir -p /opt/software/rsync
tar xJvf rsync-3.1.3-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz -C /opt/software/rsync

Update the PATH

Add the following lines to ~/.bashrc

# For rsync
export PATH=/opt/software/rsync/usr/bin:$PATH



how to end stdin

Use ctrl+z.

In general, ctrl+z is used to send EOF in Windows and ctrl+d in Linux.


find out whether a terminal is cygwin or git bash

uname -s | cut -f 1 -d '-'
terminal output
git bash MINGW64_NT
cygwin CYGWIN_NT

Sample shell script snippet:

terminal_type=`uname -s | cut -f 1 -d '-'`

if [ "$terminal_type" = "CYGWIN_NT" ]; then
  echo "Using cygwin terminal"
elif [ "$terminal_type" = "MINGW64_NT" ]; then
  echo "Using git bash terminal"
  echo "Using unknown terminal"

See also:

ask for git credentials again

git push -v

Ref:- - suggests to use “git pull -v”. But in my case, I was trying to push my code out and wanted git to ask me for new credentials. So I tried 'git push -v' and it worked.

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