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Updating feature branch with the latest development branch

tags | bring feature branch up to date with development branch

Situation 1:

  • User 1 raised a merge request to merge feature1 to development branch
  • Before the merge request is accepted, development branch is updated by User 2

Situation 2:

  • Say you forked from development branch a while ago to work on a feature and created a branch called “feature1”.
  • After a while, development branch might have progressed and may have new changes added to it.


  • Bring the feature1 branch up to date with the latest development branch.


Get the latest versions of development and feature branches in the local repository.

git checkout development
git pull
git checkout feature1
git pull

Merge development branch into the feature branch and resolve any conflicts that may arise.

git merge development

Push the changes to the remote.

git push

Note:- The “git merge development” command works even if you have local changes not committed to feature1.


Initializing git for version control

git config --global "Kamaraju S. Kusumanchi"
git config --global ""
git config --global push.default matching
git config --global checkout
git init



git resources

stackoverflow answers I came across

show which branch is linked to which remote branch

rename a branch that has already been pushed

show contents of a deleted file

git show HEAD^:full/path/to/file/from/top/dir/of/the/repository

See also:

git grep commands

dokuwiki table syntax

git grep -i --all-match -e '\^.*\^' -e '|.*|'

Count number of lines in a file but exclude blank lines

git grep -e "^" --and --not -e "^$" <file_name>  | wc -l

For example:

$ git grep -e "^" --and --not -e "^$" dummy_1510.txt  | wc -l

amend last commit

export EDITOR=vim
git commit --amend --author="Kamaraju S. Kusumanchi <>"
git config ""

git config --get-all --show-scope
git config --get-all --show-origin

configuration files

git commands usage

git cherry-pick

git cherry-pick <Commit1> <Commit2> <...>


frequently used

newly created repo

git config "Kamaraju S. Kusumanchi"
git config ""

for git $\geq$ 2.23.0

git -c advice.detachedHead=false pull --rebase --autostash -v origin

for git $\leq$ 2.20.1

git pull --rebase --autostash -v origin

used in |

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