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  • Switched from LG stylo 3 plus to Google pixel 6 around 2022-01.


  • Calls were getting dropped with 4G sim.
    Fix:- Call the customer service to get a 5G sim card. They ship one for free to the home address.
  • Cannot see the real time market data in the IBKR app.
    Fix:- Uninstall the IBKR app on the old phone.

apps to install

  • lichess, whatsapp, facebook messenger, google maps, gaana, ibkr, venmo
  • “Notepad - simple notes” by atomczak
  • Adobe acrobat reader, Firefox
  • TD Bank (US), Jabra Sound+
  • thrive - to order food in the Nomura cafe
  • Dictionary - applet automatically created by google
  • Docket - for covid 19 vaccination record


disable notifications

  • Settings → Notifications → App settings → Youtube → All YouTube notifications → uncheck

tags | silent notifications

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