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command history

IPython stores the history in a SQLite database located at ~/.ipython/profile_default/history.sqlite . This can be exported into a file by running

%history -g -f filename

When using Windows 10 Enterprise + git bash 2.22.0 + ipython 7.16.1

Examples of valid filenames

  • ipython_history_asof_20220318_1753.txt
  • x/ipython_history_asof_20220318_1755.txt
  • c:/Users/raju/x/ipython_history_asof_20220318_1756.txt

Examples of invalid filenames

  • ~/x/ipython_history_asof_20220318_1755.txt
  • /c/Users/raju/x/ipython_history_asof_20220318_1756.txt


how is the default ipython prompt created?

See → Prompts class → in_prompt_tokens(), continuation_prompt_tokens(), rewrite_prompt_tokens(), out_prompt_tokens()

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