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Threaded display in Outlook 365

click on a folder → View tab

  -> Select "Show as Conversations"
  -> In "Conversation Settings" -> select "Use Classic Indented View"
  -> In "Message Preview" -> select Off

The following should be checked when you right click on the message index pane

  Date (Conversations)
  Show as Conversations
  Show in Groups

Select sorting so as to display new items at the bottom.

Threaded display in older outlook versions

tags | sorting and grouping messages

To display the emails in the good old thread display

  1. Right click on Arrange By → Select “Date”, “Show as Conversations”, “Show in Groups”
  2. Right click on Arrange By → View Settings → Other settings → check “Show conversation groups using Classic Indented view” → OK → OK
  3. Select “Oldest on top”.

Tested on | Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

outlook calendar not showing all times

File -> Options -> Calendar
-> Work time -> Work Hours
-> set 'Start time:' to 12:00 AM
-> Set 'End time:' to 11:30 PM
-> Select all days in 'Work Week:'
-> OK

Found the answer in |

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