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top level separation

I have a directory (say source/) with many sub directories and files under it (source/dir1, source/dir2, … , source/file1, source/file2, …). I want to copy it to two separate folders (say destA, destB). The first folder contains all the top level files (source/file1, source/file2 etc.,), the second folder contains the rest (source/dir1, source/dir2 etc., but not source/file1, or source/file2 etc.,).

Solution: There are two approaches I can think of. Both work. I prefer the second one as it is a bit cleaner.


rsync -prltvzD -n --delete-after --exclude='/*/' source/ destA/
rsync -prltvzD -n --delete-after --include='/*/' --exclude='/*' source/ destB


rsync -prltvzD -n --delete-after --exclude='*/' source/ destA/
rsync -prltvzD -n --delete-after --include='*/' --exclude='/*' source/ destB

In both approaches, the destA and destB directories will be created on the fly if necessary.


tags | include all sub directories but exclude top level files, exclude top level directory, exclude all subdirectories

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