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Store notes in a wiki format

Whenever I come across something new, I try to note it down in a text file so I can refer to it at a later point of time. Up until now, I was using flat text files and edit them using gvim. But this approach has some drawbacks:

  • No rich formatting in the files (ex:- numbered lists, italic fonts, preformatted code, headings, sections, subsections etc.,).
  • Can not link one file to another
  • Can not traverse across files by clicking on the links.

All these shortcomings are solved by using [ zim] editor. It allows to store notes in a wiki like format with links etc., but without the actual headache of setting up a wiki engine. The cool part is that the underlying text files consist of minimal markup and are easy to read in gvim should the need ever arise.

Google searches I used while trying to find an editor like zim | store notes in mediawiki format, running a mediawiki locally linux, local wiki

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