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remove duplicate cards

I am using the “Remove Duplicate Cards” addon available at .

To install it

start anki on the command line
-> Tools -> Add-ons
-> Get Add-ons
-> enter the code displayed on the addon page (ex:- 95590040)



I have not found a way to do this directly on
today | 2021-11-09

advantage of debian anki package

  • The account on can be synchronised with anki (installed on a Debian machine). The advantage of the Debian version is that you can delete the cards as needed. The online version does not support card deletion. I am currently using
% anki --version
anki 2.1.8

% dpkg -l anki | grep ^ii
ii  anki           2.1.8+dfsg-1 all          extensible flashcard learning program

today | 2020-11-09

AnkiDroid vs. Anki Desktop Vs. AnkiWeb

  • AnkiDroid is not affiliated with Anki Desktop or AnkiWeb. AnkiDroid is based on Anki Desktop but it is developed by an entirely separate community of volunteers.
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