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Is there a way to remove the extra line at the end of a list in a table cell? I am using the WRAP plugin to create the list.

For example, in the following table, there is an extra line after each list in the third column. How to get rid of it?

WHO label Covid variant First detected
Alpha B.1.1.7
  • in UK
  • in US in 2020-12
Beta B.1.351
  • in South Africa in 2020-12
  • in US at the end of 2021-01
Gamma P.1
  • in Japan / Brazil
  • in US in 2021-01
Delta B.1.617.2
  • in India in 2020-12
  • in US in 2021-03

FWIW, I am currently using

$ cat /etc/dokuwiki/userstyle.css 

/* To move the list up
 * Ref:
.page p + ul {
    margin-top: -1.4em;


Add the following to /etc/dokuwiki/userstyle.css

div.plugin_wrap ul { margin-bottom: 0px; }


Thanks to mboehn on the irc channel who helped me with the solution.

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