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bypass paywalls clean on android phone

  • Install 'Firefox Nightly For Developers' from the playstore
  • Create a firefox account ( and signin into it
    • sigin into the firefox account if necessary
    • Scroll down to “Add to collection”
      • If this is the first time → “Create new collection”, say raju_addons.
      • When you are creating your collection, you will see a number in the Custom URL field. This number is your user ID. This is needed when linking the collection to your User ID.
      • Add the extension to that collection.
  • Link the collection to your account
    • Firefox → 3 dots at the bottom right → Settings → About Firefox Nightly → Tap on the logo 5 times
    • Go back to Settings
    • Custom Add-on collection
      • Give the User ID, collection name
    • Application will close
  • Restart the app → 3 dots at the bottom right → Add-ons → click on the + sign next to “BypassPaywalls Clean” → Allow in private browsing → Check

tested on | Google pixel 6


Troublueshooting:<USER ID>/<COLLECTION NAME>/

So, for example, given a collection named “Abc Def”, you must enter “Abc-Def” (note the dash) as the “Collection name” in the “Add-ons” screen.

bypass paywalls on desktop

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