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yalist example

Using the code in

  1. Ordered list item 1
  2. Ordered list item 2
  3. Ordered list item 3…

    … in multiple paragraphs

  4. Ordered list item 4
  • Unordered list item
  • Unordered list item…

    … in multiple paragraphs

  1. Ordered list, first level
    1. Second level
      1. Third level
        1. Fourth level
    2. Back to second level

      1. Second?! What happened to third?

      Quiet, you.

  2. Back to first level
  3. Still at first level
Definition list
Definition lists vary only slightly from other types of lists in that list items consist of two parts: a term and a description. The term is given by the DT element and is restricted to inline content. The description is given with a DD element that contains block-level content. [Source: W3C]
Definition list w/ multiple paragraphs

The style sheet provided with this plugin will render these paragraphs…

… to the left of the term being defined.

Definition list w/ multiple “paragraphs”
Another way to separate blocks of text in a definition…
… is to simply have multiple definitions for a term (or group of terms).
This definition list has DD tags without any preceding DT tags.
Hey, it's legal XHTML.
Just like DT tags without following DD tags.
? But DT tags can't contain paragraphs. That would not be legal XHTML. .. If you try, the result will be rendered oddly.
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