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cash back rewards

  • [asof | 2024-02-01] If you earn \$300 or more in cash back rewards, you can deposit the reward certificate directly into your bank. [1]
  • [asof | 2024-03-14] You can encash the entire Costco Citi credit card reward certificate at Costco without purchasing anything. Only the rewards from Costco membership requires a purchase. But the credit card rewards does not require a purchase.



847 as of 2023-01-05

Ref:- From 2023-01-05 Costco Wholesale Corporation Reports December Sales Results

Costco currently operates 847 warehouses, including 583 in the United States and Puerto Rico, 107 in Canada, 40 in Mexico, 31 in Japan, 29 in the United Kingdom, 18 in Korea, 14 in Taiwan, 14 in Australia, four in Spain, two each in France and China, and one each in Iceland, New Zealand and Sweden. Costco also operates e-commerce sites in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

When is the next ex-dividend date for costco dividends?


Morganville Costco

  • Costco does not do check printing anymore.
    • checked on | 2024-02-18
  • It is open normal hours on President's day.
    • checked on | 2024-02-19
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