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blocked by barrons

Issue is giving the following error.

You have been blocked.

Something about the behaviour of the browser has caught our

There are various possible explanations for this:
* You are browsing and clicking at a speed much faster than
  expected of a human being.
* Something is preventing JavaScript from working on your
* There is a robot on the same network (IP WW.XX.YY.ZZ) as you.

Having problems accessing the site? Submit feedback.
ID: a-b-c-d-e


Chrome → Click on the extensions button in the top right → Bypass Paywalls Clean → settings button → Options → scroll down to “BPC settings” section → check “Barron's - no Googlebot (http error 500)” option → Save

System Information

  • bypass paywalls clean extension version: (latest asof 2024-01-22)
  • google chrome: 120.0.6099.200
  • OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
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